Mom Allergy Insight



Anyone with me on this? I want my kids with food allergies to enjoy the Halloween season, but let’s be honest, I’m throwing away, hiding, or giving away their candy as fast as they “trick-or-treat”. I never let my kids eat any candy while trick-or-treating. The lighting is always terrible and I can never read the labels. Even if we know the candy is safe, it is hard to tell if it has touched other contaminated foods. My daughter, who is allergic to eggs, ended the night with hives on her face. I am still not sure the salt water taffy (which was coming out of its wrapper) was the culprit, or some other possibility.  Maybe she touched a friend who had left over mayonnaise on her hands. Or maybe a mom was cooking dinner while running to the door to pass out candy and contaminated the wrappers. I am left to guess.

Every year I try to persuade my (now) 9 year old to have a costume with gloves. You know, like a princess. She is now too old for that and gives me one of those ‘pre-teen’ looks, and I know that I will never win. She is aware enough to understand that she cannot eat anything during our outing, and that she will need to wash thoroughly before consuming any candy.  I also sort and wipe down wrappers as needed.

My two year old is another story. He is active and wants to eat everything as fast as he can. In his mind, the candy should never hit the bottom of his Halloween basket. The problem is that this child is intolerant to artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and dyes. We also have reduced his high fructose corn syrup and cocoa intake. Halloween for this kid= nothing. No candy. We do let him trick-or-treat, but only very closely to mom or dad. I also try to stock my pockets with acceptable substitutes. Distraction is key. Take that package of sugary, full of dyes, candy just given to him, and replace it with something he can eat. Needless to say, I’m exhausted by the end of the night.

Let’s be honest, I wish I could do away with “trick-or-treating”.  It is fun for the kids, but a boat load of stress for me. It takes a huge amount of patience and skill on my part to keep my children safe from harmful food. I am literally figuring out how to get rid of it as fast as it arrives.

But hey, sometimes the best way to get rid of it is to add it to mom’s secret stash of chocolate hidden in the cupboard. Post-Halloween, when all the kids are alive, well, and sleeping, she will need a reward.


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