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A Food Allergy Thanksgiving

I am in the middle of frantically making Thanksgiving food substitutions for my family, but I thought I would give you a quick glance of what a “food allergy Thanksgiving” is for us. This year I am not hosting (yay!) but that only cuts out a portion of the work. You see, when I host, I usually make allergen-free foods that all can enjoy. The cross contamination is controlled and my family feels more included (food-wise). Occasionally I make a food that only a portion of the company can eat, but I am still very aware of what is included in the recipe. No asking others for ingredients. No wondering if my child can or cannot eat something. No worries about cross-contamination.

Luckily, my MIL is hosting this year, and she is very aware of our allergies. I can count on the turkey and mashed potatoes to be gluten/milk/egg free. What is concerning for us though, is all the side dishes that will be brought over by extended family. I usually just assume that the stuffing will have gluten, yams contain butter, rolls baked with egg, etc. Instead of probing my extended family with questions about what is in each dish, it is easier (and more polite) to just make the substitutions myself. My family will be able to eat “safe” foods and won’t feel left out of traditional dishes.

So today, I am making yams, stuffing, veggie dips, pies, and rolls. Like I said, it is better than hosting, but still a lot of work. I did not have time this week to test out the stuffing recipe I found on Pinterest, so I have my fingers crossed it tastes good. Waiting until Thanksgiving Day to try out a new recipe is probably not the best idea. Sorry family.

I also wanted to express my gratitude for my family and how much they have put up with me and my “experimental” recipes.  Being egg/gluten/milk (and more) free has been a big challenge for us, and especially me as I assume the main role as cook in the home. Each time we try a new recipe (and typically fail) we learn something. Maybe someday I will be a great allergen-free chef. Ha! I doubt it, but I love sharing my experiences with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “A Food Allergy Thanksgiving

  1. Holy crud, if I had to do that much work to go out, I’d probably just stay home!! Good for you for working so hard to keep your kiddos safe!


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