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Allergies not-so-Anonymous


Hi my name is Christine and I have a lot of food allergies.

(Hello, Christine)

Unlike the other authors on this blog, I’ve had food allergies since I was born. My allergy journey began when I was terribly sick during the holiday season during the first few years of my life. It turns out it was because I had a poultry allergy and it revealed itself when I was served turkey for the holiday meals. I don’t have any memories during this time, but I do know it was scary for my parents.

As I grew up I found that I was not only allergic to poultry, but to a handful of other things. This includes tree nuts, shellfish, peas, and melons. In the last few years I have developed EOE caused by wheat and another undetermined factor. I also have developed a lactose intolerance.

What this means for me is that when I meet new people I often end up having to dive right into my allergies as food is such an important part of the social experience. I wish I could just have my allergies be not such a big deal and remain anonymous.

When I was younger, this was really embarrassing for me. However, as I have grown older I’ve learned I have to be my own advocate for my allergies and it’s important for me to open my mouth to ensure that I am safe.

I plan to share more of this journey in hopes to help others in their struggles with food allergies.


P.S. I’m more than just my allergies. I’m also passionate about my husband, my doggy, Disney and reading and will probably post a little about them, too. Especially allergies at Disney parks.


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