About Us

Welcome to our blog! We are a group of family members that have been affected by food allergies or intolerances and have had to make some tough adjustments in our lives to accommodate this often frustrating challenge. Some of us are the ones with the allergies, while others of us try to help those that have the allergies as best we can.   Food allergies are a pain and tricky to deal with. We hope that by sharing our experience, we can help and lift others of you out there that have to deal with food allergies/intolerances in one way or another.

The Allergy Experience Squad Members

– Sarah –

A great mom that works very hard to ensure that all of her family 1) doesn’t end up in the hospital , 2) isn’t cranky due to upset stomachs, and 3) avoids all other allergy-related misery. Wife to Scott. Mother of three (Kenna, Emily, and Conner). Allergy info: Kenna has outgrown a milk allergy but continues to be anaphylacic to eggs. Emily has outgrown her peanut/tree nut intolerances. Conner is intolerant to milk products (even cooked) and is currently on an Fiengold Diet to help with difficult behaviors.

– Scott –

An unfortunate soul who has been dealt the hand of gluten and milk allergies and some other fun intolerances on the side. Diagnosed with EoE. Wife to Sarah. Father of three. Brother of Christine.

– Alyssa –

The newest allergy mom of the gang.  While having no food allergies herself, she and her husband, Jake, both have had fun experiencing the sheer panic of a unknown allergy wreaking havoc on their baby. Allergy suspect still at large and we have no leads at this time.  Mother of Mazie. Sister to Christine and Scott.

– Christine –

A patient woman who has almost all food allergies/intolerances known to mankind – plus a few new ones. Has dealt with a handful of these since childhood and has collected quite a few new ones recently. Surprisingly, she is still alive and well today. Wife to Michael. Sister of Scott.

– Michael

Has successfully figured out how to manage two toasters at once and how to not contaminate the peanut butter. Has also accepted the fact that there are 4 restaurants he’ll visit in the foreseeable future for date night. Husband to Christine.